ESL Educator - Neurolanguage Coach®

Hello there! I am Pauline. I am thrilled to be a member of the my Englishteacher.EU. With a broad background spanning over two decades in teaching across various sectors, including education, financial services, logistics, IT, engineering, and construction, I bring a wealth of experience to offer specialised English language training. In 2022, I achieved certification as a Neurolanguage® Coach, accredited by the International Coaching Federation (ICF), showcasing my commitment to adopting cutting-edge and effective teaching methodologies. I firmly believe in personalised, well-planned lessons that cater to individual needs, goals, and time constraints. I eagerly look forward to leveraging my experience to enhance the language learning journey for my students. I take pride in creating a supportive and dynamic learning environment.

Оголошення створене лют. 23, 2024

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