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Hi everyone! I've been teaching English as a foreign language for almost 20 years. I have experience teaching all levels and ages including preparing students for all Cambridge mainsuite exams, IELTS and TOEIC.
I am passionate about the English language and I am also a proofreader and voiceover artist. What I really love is teaching adults from around the world from my online classroom, finding really engaging activities and having a little fun along the way.
I have several qualifications including the TEFL certificate, Business English Teaching Certificate and the Young Learners' Certificate.
I'm looking forward to meeting you and helping you reach your language goals!

Please check out my short intro video below.

Hello there, eager language learners! Allow me to introduce myself—I'm a native English teacher currently based in the beautiful country of Portugal. Teaching English to non-native speakers has been my passion for nearly two decades, and I'm thrilled to share a bit about myself and my teaching approach.

My Teaching Experience

I come to you with a wealth of experience in the field of English education. Over the past 20 years, I've had the privilege of guiding students from all walks of life and varying levels of proficiency. Whether you're taking your first steps in learning English or you're aiming for advanced fluency, my extensive teaching background allows me to cater to your unique needs.

Specialization in Exam Preparation

Are you eyeing those challenging Cambridge mainsuite exams, preparing for the IELTS, or aiming to conquer the TOEIC? You're in excellent hands. My expertise lies in exam preparation, and I take pride in helping my students succeed in these assessments. I've walked this path with many students, and I'm here to lead you to success as well.

My Passion for English

But teaching English isn't just a job for me; it's a passion. I genuinely adore the English language, and I believe that this enthusiasm is infectious. Learning a new language should be an exciting journey, and I make sure my students feel that excitement in every lesson.

A Multifaceted Educator

In addition to teaching, I also have other skills up my sleeve. I work as a proofreader, ensuring that written English is impeccable. I'm also a voiceover artist, which adds a creative dimension to my teaching style.

Fun and Engaging Learning

Learning doesn't have to be dull or stressful. I'm a firm believer in creating a relaxed and enjoyable learning environment. I incorporate engaging activities into my lessons because I believe that having fun is a key ingredient in successful language acquisition.

My Qualifications

To back up my teaching skills, I hold several certifications, including a TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) certificate, a Business English Teaching Certificate, and a Young Learners' Certificate. These credentials reflect my dedication to providing top-notch education.

So, if you're ready to embark on an exciting journey to master the English language, I'm here to help you reach your language goals. Let's connect and start this adventure together!

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